Cool High Top Fade Haircuts For Men 2021

The high top fade haircut is one of the cool and sexy black men haircuts. It is also called the high-top fade. This haircut which reflects hip-hop and urban culture was extremely popular among only black men in the 1980s and 1990s. However, today it is frequently preferred by many men around the world.

If you want an iconic haircut, a high top fade may be a perfect option for you. First of all, due to it is versatile, you will have unlimited variations with this style. Besides, thanks to its short and faded sides and a back, you don’t need so much effort for styling and maintenance.

What Is The High Top Fade Haircut?

The high top fade is simply a haircut in which the hair on the sides is cut quite short with the fade cutting technique and the top is left very long. There is a high contrast between the sides and the top. Therefore it has a disconnected look. The most popular version of this style is Flat Top.

This haircut is widely used among the Afro-American community. Also, many famous men such as Will Smith, Odell Beckham Jr., Usher, and Luke James assisted this style to become popular.

A high fade top haircut works best with curly, kinky, and coily hair. Because it requires extra volume and texture. So, this haircut isn’t very suitable for straight hair types.

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How To Style A High Top Fade Haircut?

Generally, we can say that a high top fade is a long top, short sides haircut. This means that there are many styling options for the top and sides.

You can consider different fade types such as low fade, mid fade, high fade, skin fade, bald fade, and drop fade for the sides. Your barber determines a guideline with a hair clipper according to the fade type you want. Then, he or she shave gradually your sides and back for the fade effect. As a result, a smooth transition occurs on the sides.

Also, you have a lot of style alternatives for the top of your head. Some of them are nappy afro, dreadlocks, sponge twists. When it comes to a high-top fade, the key is the height of the hair.

If you want to try this style, your face shape is an important aspect to consider when deciding which haircut you prefer. If you have a long face shape, you should avoid too much height.

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The Best High Top Fade Haircuts Gallery

Long High Top Fade

This is a unique and modern high top fade haircut. You can consider a mid-fade cut for the sides and back. Also, dreads at the top complete this haircut perfectly. It is more suitable for hair with small ringlets. In addition, you should have long hair to get this style. It may be a chic haircut alternative for black men.

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Short High Top Fade

If you want a short haircut, a short high top fade may be a good choice for you. The hair at the top is low level in this style. It looks edgy and tidy. You can prefer a skin fade for the sides and back. Besides, it is ideal for summer times. The short high top fade is a very common haircut among African-American men.

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High Top Fade With Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks is a fashionable black men’s hairstyle. If it is combined with a high-top fade, you can get amazing results. The low fade may be a perfect choice on the sides. Also, you can enrich your style with a stylish beard.

high top fade haircut 6

High Top Fade With Twists

High top fade with sponge twists is one of the awesome afro hairstyles. There are voluminous long curls at the top. You can consider low fade or mid fade on the sides and back. Also, If you want, it is possible to add extra touch to your haircut with a surgical line.

high top fade haircut 7

Flat Top Fade

Flat top fade is an iconic haircut since the 1980s. It was used frequently by famous basketball players and hip-hop artists in the past. Today, it is still trendy. In this style, the hair on the top and cut bluntly. All hair strands at the top are the same length. We can say that the flat top fade is the most popular member of the high top fade haircut family.

high top fade haircut 9

Blunt High Top Fade With Hairline

If you think the flat top is exaggerated for you, you can evaluate this short high top fade variety. This style is very chic and neat. Also, it doesn’t require too much maintenance. However, we recommend you occasionally visit your hairdresser or barber for trimming.

high top fade haircut 9

Curly High Top Fade

We have good news for men with curly hair. A high-top fade also works well with big ringlets. The barber creates a curly mound at the top of your head. The sides and back are cropped with a hair clipper for the fade effect.

high top fade haircut 10

Low Afro High Top Fade

Afro fade is one of the magnificent high-top fade variations. If we say that it is the most preferred haircut among black men, we don’t exaggerate. In this haircut, while the top left very long, the sides and back are trimmed very short. Thus, a disconnected appearance is achieved between the sides and top.

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High Top Fade Haircut With Hair Design

We are seeing frequently creative hair designs together with afro hairstyles. You are a man who likes to try something new, you can combine your high-top fade with an awesome hair design. Also, by adding a hairline and beard, it is possible to emphasize your haircut.

high top fade haircut 36

High Top Fade Haircut With Hard Part

The hard part is one of the very stylish hair tricks. You can divide your hair into two sections with a clean and sharp razor line. Thus, it will occur more catchy and cool look. A hard part is compatible with the high top fade. We definitely suggest you try this haircut on your next barber visit.

high top fade haircut 23


Spiky High Top Fade

Although its original version is a black men’s haircut, the high top fade haircut is widely worn by men from different cultures all over the world. Actually, this haircut is typically compatible with kinky, curly, and coarse hair. However, If you are a man with straight hair, you can still try this style.

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