Box Braids For Men

When it comes to cool hairstyles, box braids are a trendy style that will stand out…


Braid styles have become stylish and popular, offering a cool look for guys with long and short hair. Because braided hair is so versatile and fresh, men’s box braids can be achieved with an undercut or fade on the sides and back with different types of braiding on top. Some black men will want single braids with a fade for a classic look, while others may prefer plaits with an undercut and styled into a high top for a bold finish. With a variety of styles and lengths, there are many box braids hairstyles to consider. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the best box braids for men to try right now!

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are a type of braided hairstyle popular with black men. The box braid style is achieved by dividing the hair into square-shaped sections which are then braided using both natural and additional synthetic hair. Like cornrows, zig zag and other cool braids for men, you can get the look with extensions or use your natural hair if it is long enough.

Box Braids Hairstyles For Men

From long box braids to high top box braids, this hairstyle is unique in its design and styling. However, the process of getting men’s box braids can be long and expensive. Fortunately, these braids styles are low-maintenance, easy to keep and last for 6 to 8 weeks.

Cool Box Braid Styles For Guys

Box Braids Hairstyles For Men

Short Box Braids

Short box braids are great if you have short hair and want a fashionable yet edgy hairstyle. Without growing your hair out or getting extensions, short styles are achieved by creating the traditional square shapes before braiding the hair on top.

Short Box Braids Men

You can pair the look with a skin or temp fade to highlight the length and styling on top. Short box braids hairstyles are easy to get and simple to style; just let them loose and hanging for an effortless sexy look.

Short Hair Box Braids Styles Men

Long Box Braids

Long box braids are versatile, masculine and offer you the ability to create a number of cool styles. Modern and charming, long braids require extensions, but the investment is worth the chic finish.

Long Box Braids Men

Whether you have hair long enough to braid or you want to add synthetic hair to get your desired length, braids with long hair are flattering for most face shapes. Long box braids hairstyles can be layered, let down, pulled back, or tied up in a ponytail or bun on top of the head.

Long Box Braids Hairstyles For Men

Single Braids

Classic and stylish, single braids work well for men who like to maintain a clean look. Also known as individual braids, this handsome look is minimal and casual, meaning you’ll only need a few minutes to change up your locks.

Single Braids Men

Single braids work well on long and short hair lengths, and are great for men and boys alike. Styled loose and hanging down the sides of the head, this fresh style continues to be on-trend in barbershops around the world.

Hanging Braids For Guys

Box Braids with Fade

The most popular way to get this hairstyle is to pair box braids with a fade. Men can choose from all the best types of fades, including low, mid, high, bald, drop, temp and taper fade haircuts.

Men's Box Braids with Fade

With short faded hair on the sides, guys can focus the attention on their plaits. Bold and sleek, a fade with braids can take your style to the next level.

Box Braids Fade

Undercut with Box Braids

Rugged and hot, an undercut with box braids can be a stylish alternative to the fade. Short and cut to one-length on the sides and back, the undercut haircut can be buzzed or shaved down to contrast with your cool braids.

Undercut with Box Braids

Combined with any length of hair and a number of box braids styles, the finished hairstyle is smooth and flawless. Pull your braids back into a ponytail or tie a bun up top, the look is universally flattering.

High Top Box Braids

High top box braids stand out in any crowd and can be styled in a variety of ways. Popular and classy, high top braids can range in styling, from sectioned to spider braids, each offering their own textured design.

High Top Box Braids

Ultimately, high top braids are fashionable and unique, so work with your stylist to determine which look is best for you.

High Top Braids

Box Braids with Straight Hair

Box braids with straight hair have been one of the most traditional hairstyle ideas around. Braiding straight hair on men is much more straightforward than dealing with kinky or curly hair.

Box Braids Men Straight Hair

When choosing this look, the hair is sectioned into straight lines of squares as opposed to the patterned lines used in other braided styles.

Flat Top Braids

Flat top braids can be pulled into an updo or swept off to the side, depending on your preference and favorite hairstyle. All you need to do is invest in some quality elastics and you’ll have the ability to transform your box braided hair in a few simple steps.

Flat Top Braids

Box Braids with Designs

For a modern twist, get box braids with designs and your haircut will instantly transform. Hair designs require a skilled and talented stylist with creativity. Braid designs can include 2, 3 or 4 lines with zig zags and unique braiding.

Men's Box Braids with Hair Designs

Box Braids Ponytail

When you have longer hair, style your box braids into a ponytail for a classy look. Medium and long braids look exceptional when pulled back into a low or a high ponytail.

Box Braids Ponytail Men

Masculine and attractive, this is an easy way to get your hair out of your face while you’re working. Plus, it breaks the monotony of styling your hair the same way every day.

Small Box Braids

Small box braids are thin plaits that can be styled loose, in buns or ponytails. Unlike big and jumbo braids, tiny braids are set in small squared-off sections. The smaller size means guys can ask for 3 or 4 rows of box braids on the top of their head.

Small Box Braids Men

Box Braids For Black Men

Box braids have traditionally been a cool hairstyle for black men and women. Whether you’re rocking short, medium, or long braids, black guys can play around with their braided hair to find the best styles for their personal look.

Box Braids For Black Men

Most guys start with a fade, undercut or shaved sides. There are many ways to wear box braids so find a fashionable style that works for you.

Box Braids For White Men

White men experimenting with box braids is a more recent trend, but this style can be adopted if you’ve got the right stylists and type of hair. White guy braid styles depend on length and design, but the sectioning technique is the same.

Box Braids For White Men

Tell your barber and stylist how to cut the sides and back, then decide on a length, and you’re set. Just make sure you can pull off box braids as a white boy before trying the hairstyle.

Box Braids For Boys

Box braids are cute and trendy for boys, making this hairstyle barbershop favorites with kids. Little boys naturally like to emulate the styles of their dads and brothers, and braids styles on boys always look good.

Box Braids For Boys

For one, braided hair is low-maintenance and easy to style, which means your son will spend minimal time getting ready for school. Similarly, braids can be left hanging loosely, pulled back and tied up, or swept into a ponytail when your boys are playing sports or finishing schoolwork. Combined with a clean-cut fade on the sides, it’s one of the most popular haircuts for little black boys.

Box Braids For Little Boys

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