60 Fantastic Flat Top Haircuts For Men in 2021

The flat top haircut is one of the timeless and iconic haircuts that left its mark on the 1980s and 1990s. Today, this haircut has become a trend again. It is also known as a box haircut. Because the hair on the top of the head is usually box-shaped.

The flat top is quite popular among black men. It is suitable for afro and coarse hair. However, gents with curly or straight hair also can wear this haircut. The flat top haircut is widely used among movie stars, basketball players, and hip-hop artists. Will Smith is one of many famous men who prefer this style.

Besides, a flat top haircut requires maintenance regularly. Because it is important to protect your hair form. Therefore, you should visit your barber or hairdresser to trim your hair in certain periods.

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What Is The Flat Top Haircut?

Actually, the term flat top may be used for two different hairstyles. The first of them is a short haircut which is military-origin. In this style, the sides are cropped very short and the hair at the top is upward and the same length. This variation works best with straight hair type.

The other flat top haircut is usually one of the high top fades that are common among Afro-American black men. It is compatible with tight curls and coily hair types. This haircut is also called box fade at the same time. In a traditional flat top haircut, the hair at the top is typically standing upright. Also, it is cut to have a flat surface. Thus, it is created in a square shape. Besides, the sides are tapered or faded.

The flat top haircut shows up first in the 1950s. The golden age of this haircut is the 1980s and 1990s. Especially, it became very popular among men from the hip-hop culture.

Shortly, the flat top is essentially a short sides long top haircut. When it comes to this haircut, there are lots of style alternatives and variations.

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How To Style A Flat Top Haircut?

If you want a flat top haircut, you have many style options. In modern versions of his haircut, the top may be cut geometrical or asymmetrical. In addition, you can prefer a flat top with steps and rounded boxes. Besides, the flat deck at the top may be upward or downward sloping.

On the sides, we recommend you prefer fade variations. If you want, you can also have tapered sides. The choice is entirely up to you.

When it comes to a flat top haircut, barbers usually use a hair clipper to cut the hair at the top. Also, it can be used the clipper-over-comb method. The sides are usually tapered gradually with a hair clipper. Thus, the fade effect is created.

The Best Flat Top Haircuts Gallery

Short Flat Top Haircut

In this flat top haircut variety, there a short flat deck at the top of the head. Also, you can prefer a skin fade for the sides. It looks edgy, clean, and neat. This short haircut doesn’t require too much maintenance. In this way, you don’t have to waste extra time on your hair.

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90s Flat Top Haircut

This one is a traditional flat top haircut. The straight hair mound at the top is high and upwards. The sides are also tapered. We can say that this haircut is one of the most important symbols of the 90s hip-hop culture. The hairline detail reinforces the box shape of this style.

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Flat Top Haircut With Steps

If you want an extraordinary flat top haircut, you can consider adding steps to your style. It is a unique and rare haircut. It is a little hard to protect this hair form. For this reason, you should ready for regular barber visits.

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Rounded High Top Fade

You can be creative, while you decide your flat top variation. This haircut hasn’t always a flat surface. It can be cut rounded shape. If you are a man with tight curls, we recommend you try this amazing haircut.

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Medium Flat Top Fade

Flat top fade is modern, stylish, and neat. You can prefer different fade options such as low fade, skin fade, drop fade, and taper fade for the sides. This style is also called box fade. If you are a man who wants a contemporary afro haircut, you can consider a flat top fade.

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Smooth Flat Top Fade

If you have thick ringlets, you can have a high-level flat-top haircut. Also, the top doesn’t has to sharp. The square-shaped hair may have smooth and soft borders. Once you cut your hair, you don’t need to spend effort on styling. This hairstyle stays in the same form over a period of time. After a while, you will have to go to your barber for trimming your hair.

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Flat Top With Straight Hair

The flat-top may work well with straight hair. This haircut is also known as a military flat top haircut. Barbers shave the sides completely or apply a skin fade. The hair at the top is longer than the sides. It is styled upwards. Also, the same length of hair looks spiky.

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Geometrical Flat Top Fade

If you think a classic flat-top haircut is monotonous, you might want to consider geometric cuts for hair at the top of your head. The flat top is very suitable for different geometric styles.

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Voluminous Flat Top Haircut

The flat top has may has a funnel shape. In this haircut, the hair is tapered from top to bottom. Also, you can combine this afro style with a fade. Besides, it is possible to add a hairline for emphasizing your hairstyle.

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Flat Top Haircut Design Options

Flat top haircuts are extremely suitable for hair design. Hairstylists and barbers may apply different designs to your hair with razor blades or hair clippers. What kind of design you choose is entirely up to your imagination. Also, if you want, you can show the photo of the hair design you like to your barber.

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Flat Top Haircut Color Alternatives

You can try different color alternatives with your flat top haircut. Thus, it is possible to have a marginal and creative hairstyle.

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